The “Chip Power 2021” demo competition final winners announced, covering a wide range of hot investment areas
Chinese article by 李晓延
English Editor WM Zhang
06-28 21:48

Editing by Greg Gao/WM Zhang

The "Chip Power 2021" demo competition final concluded at the 5th Jiwei Semiconductor Summit 2021 (JWSS) on June 25-26 in Xiamen of Fujian Province in south-eastern China with an award ceremony to announce the 17 startup winners.

Organized by JW Insights and the China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA), the demo competition started in March and is the largest such demo competition in the country's semiconductor investment community, aiming to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the IC industry. After three and a half months of preliminary online contests, 36 judges of top-tier investors picked the final list of the 17 winners for the "Most Investment Worthy Award." They are:

Corerain Technologies(深圳鲲云信息科技有限公司)

Hongxin Gas (Shanghai) (宏芯气体上海有限公司)

Capcon Limited (华封科技有限公司)

Hangzhou Speedcury Technology(杭州加速科技有限公司)

SiDNA Technology (进化半导体深圳有限公司) 

Shanghai OrionChip (上海猎芯半导体科技有限公司) 

SIZONE Technology(杭州众硅电子科技有限公司)

Lingyi New Energy(凌翼新能源科技(绍兴)有限公司)

Guangzhou Honor Microelectronics(广州鸿博微电子技术有限公司)

Wuhan Lizhida Technology(武汉利之达科技股份有限公司)

New Semi(牛芯半导体深圳有限公司)

Suzhou Sicreat Nanotech (新美光苏州半导体科技有限公司)

Shenzhen BCDTEK Semiconductor Technology (深圳市芯视佳半导体科技有限公司)

MetaX Integrated Circuits 沐曦集成电路上海有限公司

Ningbo ABAX Sensing Electronic Technology (宁波飞芯电子科技有限公司)

Easy-Logic Technology (奇捷科技深圳有限公司)

EasyPower Technology (南京集澈电子科技有限公司)

At the same time, there are eight companies that won the "Investment Institution Recommended Award," and they are:

Capcon Limited (华封科技有限公司)

Suzhou Sicreat Nanotech (新美光苏州半导体科技有限公司)

MetaX Integrated Circuits (沐曦集成电路(上海)有限公司)

SIZONE Technology (杭州众硅电子科技有限公司)

Wuhan Lizhida Technology( 武汉利之达科技股份有限公司)

Shanghai OrionChip (上海猎芯半导体科技有限公司) 

Shenzhen New Semi (牛芯半导体深圳有限公司)

Ningbo ABAX Sensing Electronic Technology (宁波飞芯电子科技有限公司)

These award winners cover a wide range of hot areas for investment in the Chinese semiconductor industry, which is being hit hard by capacity shortages and U.S.-China trade frictions. They include semiconductor equipment and materials, EDA tools, high-end AI, analog, RF, PA chips, BMS modules for small power and energy storage, multi-cell lithium battery management as well as display technology. 

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