Leading Chinese telecom players unveiled blockchain specific chips for the state-level Xinghuo ChainNet
Chinese article by 干晔
English Editor WM Zhang
10-06 09:47

Editing by Xin Lanhua

CAICT,along with China Mobile and Rivtower Technology, unveiled two blockchain-specific chips, Xinghuo S1 and Xinghuo T1, intended to speed up the application of the national level blockchain project Xinghuo ChainNet, JW Insights learned.

Source: CAITC

CAICT, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (中国信息通信研究院) is the official research institution directly affiliated to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) with a 64-year history.

Rivtower Technology Co., Ltd. (溪塔科技) is a leading blockchain solution provider established in 2017. Headquartered in Hangzhou in eastern China, it is backed by several institutional investors, including Greater Bay Area Homeland Investments Limited and CMB International – one of the major banking groups in the country.

Sources say their three-party cooperation, including China Mobile – the country's top carrier- aims to offer more security and efficiency for the Xinghuo ChainNet ecosystem.

Xinghuo ChainNet is a state-level blockchain infrastructure project supported by MIIT. Led by CAITC, it was launched in August 2020 jointly by BUAA (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications), and China Unicom.

On August 3 this year, CAITC started operating the Xinghuo ChainNet BIF-Core system and opened for global service. The system generates self-sovereign digital identity for nodes, accounts, and digital assets in Xinghuo ChainNet.

Xinghuo S1 offers Xinghuo ChainNet users safe storage solutions for blockchain keys. Its real-time security signature mechanism for on-chaining data provides a dynamic grade safeguard for Xinghuo ChainNet

Xinghuo T1 is embedded into IoT hardware. By assigning an identity to devices by self-generated DID, and implementing data right confirmation in the process of data acquisition and data on-chaining signature, Xinghuo T1 realizes the secure data circulation.

An observer familiar with the project explained that blockchain is a cornerstone for the Internet of Value and important infrastructure in digital times. In a blockchain system, the authenticity and security of on-chaining data can only be guaranteed from the device side that generates data. A trusted data chain can only be created from its origin by providing trusted on-chaining data.

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