PCB manufacturer Guangdong Champion Asia is in the middle of acquiring shares of Japan's Sumitomo Shenzhen factory with partners
Chinese article by 黄仁贵
English Editor WM Zhang
10-11 16:50

Editing by Xin Lanhua

PCB manufacturer Guangdong Champion Asia recently announced at an investor relations briefing that it intends to purchase 100% equities of Japan's Sumitomo Shenzhen factory with its partners. The transaction is still in progress.

Guangdong Champion Asia(GCA广东骏亚)was founded in November 2005 and listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 2017 (Stock code 603386). It specializes in R&D, production, sales, and SMT (surface mount) technology for printed circuit boards.

Japan's Sumitomo Shenzhen factory(日本住友深圳工厂)manufactures mostly FPC (Flexible Circuit Board), a key area that GCA wants to expand.

The Sumitomo products in Shenzhen cover Flexible Circuit Board (FPC) and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board (RFPC), used primarily for lithium batteries, wireless charging, MiniLED, OLED, TWS earphones, and other wearable devices.

For GCA, the acquisition of Sumitomo Shenzhen is to make itself more competitive. According to GCA executives, GCA values Sumitomo's technological and manufacturing capability and believes its management team could help improve GCA and bring about more complete and stable services for its customers.

GCA manufactures mostly Rigid PCB (RPCB), Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board (RFPC), High-Density Interconnect (HDI) circuit board, and PCBA. Its products are used in energy products, computers, network equipment, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical, security, and other fields.

As a long-term supplier for BYD – the leading EV manufacturer in China, GCA has developed a strategy and plans to develop more automotive electronics products. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Longnan Electronics, has increased investment for its production lines and equipment for automotive electronics.

The company has an impressive client base, including Flex, Solum, TCL, LITEON Technology, Hansol, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blueway Electronics, Sunwoda, ZTE, Dahua Technology, Zowee Technology, T&W, and BDStar.

With growing businesses, GCA is expanding its manufacturing capacity with two facilities under construction in Longnan base in Jiangxi and Zhuhai base in Guangdong.

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