China’s leading AI company SenseTime unveils first AI Chinese chess robot for family entertainment
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor WM Zhang
08-12 17:43

Chinese AI pioneer SenseTime(商汤科技) has launched its first consumer product “SenseRobot”, an AI interactive Chinese Chess robot for family entertainment, further expanding its smart life product offerings, reported China Daily on August 11.

 Xu Li, executive chairman of the board and CEO of SenseTime, said “Our goal is to create a robot that can physically 'think' and 'act' with our leading AI technology, bring industrial-grade AI technology into every family, and carry out real interactions with children and elder family members." The robot will bridge the digital divide and build emotional connection with technology, while bringing overall enjoyment to the whole family," added Xu.

As a leading AI software company, SenseTime was founded in 2014 and is based in Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

Through its AI technology and the leading industrial grade robotic arm technology, SenseTime said it has developed a physical AI Chinese chess robot that can teach and play chess face-to-face, furthering the promotion of traditional Chinese chess culture with technology.

Smart Life is one of SenseTime's four major businesses, for which SenseTime has been committed to improving end-users' experience and advancing the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds. SenseRobot, its first end-user product, lays an important foundation to expand its smart life business, said the report.

SenseRobot has an appealing and simple design in the appearance of a small astronaut. Priced from RMB1,999 ($297) in China, the robot offers players different playing modes, including AI Chinese chess learning, endgame challenge, Chinese chess breakthrough and final challenge, as well as multiple skill levels.

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