China ranks first worldwide in the amount of ISSCC 2023’s accepted papers
Chinese article by 张浩
English Editor WM Zhang
11-21 16:52

By Gabby Chen

The International Conference on Solid-State Circuits (ISSCC) announced the list of accepted papers, among which China ranked first, surpassing the former top-placed US, JW Insights quoted a Nikkei Asia’s report on November 20.

It is the first time that China ranked at the top of the ISSCC’s accepted papers, highlighting China’s growing influence in the chip field.

The next ISSCC will be held in San Francisco on February 19-23, 2023. China has submitted 59 papers, accounting for 29.8% of all research papers (198 in total) at the 2023 ISSCC. Also, China presented 29 accepted papers in the last ISSCC, taking 14.5% of the total papers, according to Nikkei Asia.

This year the US submitted forty papers, dropping from first to second; its overall papers proportion dropped from 35% to 20.2%. Korea, the Taiwan region ranked third, and fourth respectively, Japan and the Netherlands tied for the fifth place,the report noted.

Among the papers from China, there are fifteen contributed by the University of Macau; and thirteen and six contributed by Tsinghua University and Peking University, respectively.

In the list of ISSCC’s accepted papers, Samsung leads among companies with eight, Intel comes in second with six, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) has two, said the report.

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