China Daily: China's top industry regulator MIIT calls for efforts on breaking tech bottlenecks such as operating system
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor 张未名
12-30 13:42

China's top industry regulator the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), called for persistent efforts to crack core technological bottlenecks such as operating systems (OS). In related move, China's tech giant Huawei has developed an OpenEuler OS, reported China Daily on December 29.

Wang Jiangping, a MIIT vice-minister, said at a meeting on December 28 that persistency is needed to develop crucial technologies and more efforts will be made to enhance the supply capacity of operating systems and other services.

Promising that the ministry will strengthen top-level design, Wang called for a bigger push to jointly build a more active open source community, explore typical application scenarios and best practices of key software, as well as strengthen talent and promote open cooperation.

OS is a key area that Chinese companies are working on to reduce their reliance on foreign companies amid the US government's restrictions, according to the China Daily report.

Huawei is continuing its drive for development of the OpenEuler operating system as part of its broader push to solve China's lack of homegrown OS for fundamental digital technologies.

Wang Tao, a member of Huawei's executive board, said the OpenEuler open source community now has 600 enterprise members, and more than 3 million sets of equipment have been equipped with the OpenEuler OS.

The OpenEuler is designed for enterprise customers and can be used in devices such as servers, cloud computing, and edge computing. Last year, Huawei donated the Euler operating system to the OpenAtom Foundation, a major open source foundation in China, to become an open-source OS.

OpenEuler now accounts for 25% of the new market of server operating systems in China, said the China Daily report.

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