China’s smartphone maker Xiaomi is to launch its all-new operating system HyperOS
Chinese article by 刘昕炜
English Editor 张未名
10-17 16:50

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Oct 17 -- Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi is gearing up for an all-new operating system HyperOS, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun share this information on his social media Weibo on October 17. The new OS will be equiped on its next flagship lineup - the Xiaomi 14 series.

The new operating system is named "Xiaomi HyperOS," and the official version has been finalized. Lei Jun also revealed that this system will gradually replace MIUI. The Xiaomi 14 series order has already been delivered to the factory and has officially entered production. Lei Jun shared a prototype device with a screen displaying the Xiaomi HyperOS startup interface.

On October 16, Xiaomi's Wang Hua mentioned on Weibo that names such as "MIOS" and "MiOS," which had been speculated by some Xiaomi users, were too similar to Apple's "iOS" operating system and posed a risk of trademark infringement if used. Lei Jun's official announcement on October 17 confirmed the name of Xiaomi's new operating system.

Xiaomi's official statement describes Xiaomi HyperOS as a "people-centered, all-encompassing ecosystem operating system for individuals, cars, and homes." It is based on an evolved Android system and Xiaomi's in-house Vela system, completely rewriting the underlying architecture to serve as a common foundation for the interconnectivity of countless devices in the future. This is an extensive engineering project, which is why Xiaomi's engineers have named it "Xiaomi HyperOS" in English. The first device to feature Xiaomi HyperOS will be the Xiaomi 14, promising a big leap in performance.

Regarding the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series, there are reports that the launch event is scheduled for around October 27, which is earlier than in previous years.

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