China’s smartphone brand vivo unveils self-developed LLM BlueLM and new operation systems
Chinese article by 林美炳
English Editor 张未名
11-02 17:17

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Nov 2 -- Chinese leading smartphone vendor vivo officially introduced its self-developed large language model BlueLM, OriginOS 4, self-developed BlueOS operating system at vivo Developer Conference held in Shenzhen on November 1. 

Zhou Wei, vivo’s vice president, unveiled the “1+2+N” intelligent system experience at the conference. The “1” refers to vivo’s self-developed general-purpose large language model matrix - BlueLM; “2” includes the system-wide intelligent assistant application and the natural language conversational robot; “N” represents developers leveraging vivo’s industry-first open-source 7-billion-parameter BlueLM LLM and its corresponding fine-tuning framework, along with the development toolkit BlueKit, to create efficient and cost-effective custom LLMs. 

The BlueLM comprises five vivo self-developed LLMs, covering parameter magnitudes of one billion, ten billion, and one hundred billion, comprehensively addressing core user scenarios. 

Among these, the one-billion-parameter model is designed primarily for on-device applications and excels in local text summarization and abstract generation capabilities. The seventy-billion-parameter model is a dual-purpose model tailored for smartphones, demonstrating outstanding language comprehension and text generation abilities. Both of these LLMs support on-device deployment on the latest flagship platforms from Qualcomm and MTK, ensuring data security while delivering excellent performance in word prediction speed, response time, and memory usage, according to the company. 

The vivo Developer Conference also features with the introduction of Origin OS 4, based on Android 14. It brings a bunch of new features, a UI redesign and improvements in performance. OriginOS 4 boasts functional upgrades in design, scenario applications, AI capabilities, and system fundamentals, setting the standard for a more intelligent, user-friendly, and smooth system experience.

The integration of LLM capabilities with the system, creating a “1+2+N” intelligent system experience, stands as the most significant highlight of OriginOS 4.

To meet the evolving demands of the era of general artificial intelligence, vivo also has dedicated six years to creating its independent and innovative smart operating system, known as BlueOS. BlueOS encompasses three core attributes: “Inherently Smarter, Smoother, and Safer.” It is committed to ushering in a new era of intelligence for both users and developers, said the company.

The BlueOS operating system incorporates the capabilities of the BlueLM, enabling robust intent recognition and interactive methods. This not only provides users with versatile interaction options such as voice, images, and gestures but also presents developers with a new paradigm for application development, including automatic code generation.

BlueOS has been designed with a high-performance architecture from a full-stack perspective to ensure smoothness. The operating system will make its debut on the vivo Watch3, according to vivo.

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