JW Insights IC & ICT News Weekly (November 13 - 17, 2023)
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor 张未名
11-20 16:06

Supply chain

Investment advisor Nina Xiang: Chinese AI is not a threat in some US imagination

China's leading memory chip maker YMTC sues Micron for patent infringement in US

China's import of chipmaking equipment surge 93% despite curbs


Chinese leading Wi-Fi FEM provider Kxcomtech debuts on Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market with a 178.67% surge on the first day

UK-based chip company Imagination Technologies will lay off 20% employees including China staff

Chinese chip company SophGo develops 64-core RISC-V chip with firm SiFive

Chinese CPU developer Loongson plans on shifting to 7nm process manufacturing

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor equips its vehicles with in-house IGBT modules

AI & Computing

Nvidia reportedly plans to develop AI chips for China with 80% reduction in computing power to circumvent US restrictions


Chinese top-tier chipmaker HuaHong Semiconductor's net profit plummets 86 percent in the third quarter

Chinese MEMS provider Fatri UTC will set up its sensor chip production plant in Shanghai

Chinese lithography giant SMEE is about to go public


China's leading image sensor company Will Semiconductor issues GDR listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Senior IC institutional investor Chen Yu points to more opportunities in AI chips and equipment in 2024

Chinese GPU startup Moore Threads completes B+ round of funding


Chinese PCB supplier SkyChem Technology plans to build a production plant in Thailand with RMB100 million investment

The Japanese Panasonic president emphasizes commitment to the Chinese market

Smartphone & PC

Huawei Mate 60 Pro teardown reveals 47% Chinese parts in phone

China’s PC maker Lenovo will launch AI-powered PCs after reporting strong revenue growth

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