"Chip Power 2021" demo event to start and connect semiconductor startups to China's investor community
Chinese article by JZ
English Editor 刘燚
03-15 11:23

JW Insights and China Semiconductor Investment Alliance(CSIA) announced on March 12 to launch the 3rd year "Chip Power 2021" demo project, helping Chinese IC startups find investors.  

The "Chip Power" demo started in 2019 and has been a primary platform for semiconductor entrepreneurs to connect with China's investor community. The 2021 event organizer calls for applicants and will hold the final competition in late June at the 5th JiWei Semiconductor Summit in Xiamen City. 

China's semiconductor investment hit a record last year with 400 cases and attracted a total of RMB140 billion ($21.7 billion).  That momentum is staying high now with interest from entrepreneurs, investors, and stock traders in the country. The 2021 demo event intends to showcase more and new semiconductor startups, facilitating the industry progress.  

In the 2019 "Chip Power" demo event, 100 projects registered for 18 investor panel judges and 15 projects won the final, with the most winning investment deals later. Following the pandemic breakout in 2020, JW Insights and CSIA continued the event and held the demo part online. At last, 25 top-notch investors gave comments on showcased projects. JW Insights' financial advice department also came to assist. In the end, 18 projects came on top, and over half signed up with investors later. 

The 2021 demo is open to projects with the need for before-B-series financing in IC design, semiconductor material, equipment, AI, 5G communications, and related ICT industries. There will be an announcement soon of the panel judge list. The voting for applicants to go to the final will start in late May, and the closed-door presentations and the final award ceremony will run in late June in Xiamen City.

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