China’s industrial AI start-up GT raises Series C1 funding
Chinese article by 魏健
English Editor WM Zhang
11-22 15:34

By Gabby Chen

China’s industrial AI start-up Gan Tu (GT感图科技) announced its completion of series C1 round funding recently to accelerate development and overseas market expansion, JW Insights reported on November 21.

Founded in Shanghai in April 2018, GT mainly focuses on industrial AI applications in quality control and yield management of high-end manufacturing sectors.

GT will continue to concentrate on high-end circuit board. Meanwhile, its products are planned to cover the pan-semiconductor and new energy fields, said the company.

Earlier this year, GT raised several hundred million dollars in its Series C round funding by GS Capital (虢盛资本), Qualcomm Ventures (高通创投), and Broad Vision Funds (博华资本), said the report.

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