Chinese industrial gas provider Kaimeite Gases enters the supply chain of ASML’s subsidiary Cymer
Chinese article by 秋贤
English Editor 张未名
02-03 14:30

By Greg Gao

Kaimeite Gases(凯美特气), a Chinese industrial gas manufacturer, announced that its subsidiary Yueyang Kaimeite Electronic Specialty Rare Gases(岳阳凯美特电子特种稀有气体) received a qualified supplier certification letter from Cymer, a subsidiary of Dutch lithography gear giant ASML, on February 2, and became a supplier of lithography gas products to Cymer.

Founded in 1991 and based in Yueyang, south-central China’s Hunan Province, Kaimeite Gases principally provide dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide, and other industrial gases.

Kaimeite Gases said that its lithography gas products have passed the qualified supplier certification of Cymer, which is Cymer’s recognition of its production capacity and product quality. This also reflects Kaimeite’s comprehensive strength and competitive advantages in advanced semiconductor specialty gas production technology, cylinder inner wall treatment, and gas analysis technology. 

The passing of this certification will help Kaimeite increase its popularity in the field of photoresist gas and make the company’s electronic specialty gas products go international. It also reflects the recognition of its lithography gas products by the top lithography equipment manufacturer ASML, according to Kaimeite.

Cymer itself does not directly purchase lithography gas products, and this certification had a direct impact on impacted Kaimeite’ 's lithography gas product operating income and profits, Kaimeite added.

Cymer is the world’s leading provider of excimer laser sources and an industry leader in deep UV technology, operating independently within the ASML group. 

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