Chinese PC giant Lenovo invests in intelligent car security startup Callisto Technology
Chinese article by 日新
English Editor 张未名
03-10 14:02

By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Mar 9 -- Chinese PC giant Lenovo has invested in intelligent car security company Callisto Technology (木卫四), as it is shown on Tianyancha, provider of Chinese corporation data and due diligence platform.

Callisto was founded by a group of devoted engineers devoted to automotive safety technology in 2021. The company provides efficient car safety solutions based on artificial intelligence and big data technologies. It has given cybersecurity support to the world's leading companies in the field of intelligent vehicles, autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems, according to its official website.

The Beijing-based company has patented five innovations up to now, including vehicle CAN bus data anomaly detection method and device.

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