JW Insights Consulting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a leading professional IC and related ICT industry consulting services provider in China.

With our vision of "focusing on industry big data, facilitating more scientific decision-making," we take it as our mission to help our partners be more successful. We concentrate on six core business areas: industry consulting, brand marketing, industry media service, intellectual property consulting, investment and financing, and recruitment.

Our clients are mostly semiconductor investors, multinational and domestic IC companies, and governmental industry park operators.

We started in 2008 as an online self-media account - "" by our founder Lao Yao and evolved to a registered company with up to now series A funding. We founded the Mobile China Alliance (MCA) in 2011 with our widespread influence in China's mobile phone industry executive community; When China's semiconductor investment hit a new height in 2017, we established the China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA). In 2018, our ijiwei (JW Insights) App was launched; In 2020, we expanded to six major business areas; In 2021, our company was officially renamed "JW Insights" in English. We started this English language service earlier this year.

We operate our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Xiamen, with Qingdao, Changsha, and Chengdu representatives.