China’s leading ODM Huaqin Technology signs to establish automotive electronics R&D base in Shanghai’s Lingang New Area with RMB3.7 billion
Chinese article by 姜羽桐
English Editor 张未名
02-15 19:49

Editing by Li Panpan

China’s leading ODM Huaqin Technology(华勤技术) signed a contract to put its Automotive Electronics R&D Headquarters and Intelligent Manufacturing Base in Lingang New Area in Shanghai’s Pudong District on February 14.

The two projects have a total investment of RMB3.7 billion ($582.35 million), covering a total area of 232 acres (154,666 square meters). They will be fully completed and put into use in 2025.

Founded in 2005 in Shanghai, Huaqin is one of the top ODMs in China with Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung among its over 100 clients worldwide. Its product lines include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart wearables, AIoT products, and automotive electronics.

Huaqin’s new base in Lingang is expected to achieve annual revenue of over RMB14 billion ($2.2 billion) in 2030, attracting close to 5,000 automotive electronics-related workforces, including R&D designers and high-end intelligent manufacturing technicians. They will boost

Huaqin’s position in the automobile industry, facilitating related industries in Lingang New Area, said a local press.

Lingang New Area is reported to take the contract signing with Huaqin as the opportunity to promote its efforts in focusing on the automotive electronics industry and vigorously develop five major electronics fields in chassis, cockpit, driving control, networking, and car body. It will also explore a new path of integrated R&D and high-end intelligent manufacturing development and create a comprehensive trinity service of hardware product R&D, software services, and high-end manufacturing.

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