NXP signs up with more strategic partners in China after being rooted in the country for 35 years
Chinese article by 李映
English Editor WM Zhang
03-16 18:39

Editing by Li Panpan

Dutch global semiconductor company NXP has been operating in China for 35 years. Li Tingwei, Chairman of NXP Greater China, said the company is now actively cooperating with more than 1,000 upstream and downstream enterprises in the country and has invested in its AI and the smart car industry.

Image source: NXP website

Last July, NXP signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Shanghai’s automobile giant SAIC to set up an innovation lab. Last September, it reached strategic cooperation with Horizon to develop ADAS, autonomous driving, and in-vehicle intelligent interaction.

It has also signed up with Guangdong-based GAC Research Institute and Continental Group to create a new generation of future-oriented and world-leading smart connected products.

In other areas like 5G, industrial Internet of Things, and mobile devices, NXP launched the system-level UWB solution and UWB development tool TrimensionTM. China’s leading mobile phone maker Xiaomi adopted it in its latest flagship mobile phone Xiaomi MIX4, which significantly simplifies the interconnection of devices in its smart home ecosystem.

NXP’s localization efforts in China have covered up a complete operational chain from R&D, packaging, testing, and sales in the country.

Dutch global semiconductor company NXP has achieved great results since the brand was established in 2006. It was listed on the NASDAQ in 2010. Its end markets are automotive, communication infrastructure, industrial and IoT, and mobile, with a product line covering high-computing-power processors, sensors, transceivers, and NFC, WiFi, UWB.

NXP’s global revenue has been growing steadily. Its fourth-quarter and full-year revenue in 2021 reached $3.04 billion and a new high of $110.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21.2% and 28%, respectively. And the annual revenue of its automotive business in 2021 reached $5.493 billion, accounting for nearly 50% of the total.

NXP launched its S32G processors family, ECU integration, and 4D imaging radar for the automotive market. Its battery management solution can meet the needs of L2+ to L5 autonomous driving.

NXP is optimistic that the three-year compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2024 will be between 8% and 12%.

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