Business Korea: Chinese tech conglomerate Huawei completes fiber optic network test with Saudi Arabia
Chinese article by 周宇哲
English Editor 张未名
02-14 14:23

(JW Insights) Feb 14 --Chinese tech conglomerate Huawei is leading the fiber optic network innovation in Middle East as it completed a 50G PON verification test in Saudi Arabia on February 2, according to Business Korea.

Huawei announced on February 9 that it completed the 50G PON test with Saudi Telecom Co(STC) for the first time in the Middle East.

PON stands for a passive optical network and refers to a system that transmits signals to end users through an optical cable network.

Bader Abdullah Allhieb, head of infrastructure at STC, said "Through our partnership with Huawei, we are laying the foundation for next-generation connectivity through 50G PON.” “We are confident that we will continue to improve user experiences and accelerate digital transformation with leading networks.”

Feng Zhishan, president of Huawei's Optical Network Products Division, commented, “Huawei's steady R&D investment in 50G PON technology will support STC so that it will be able to build advanced optical access networks, provide premium network connectivity for homes and businesses, and lead the development of the communications industry.”

Huawei explained that this validation laid a solid foundation for the future adoption of 50G PON across the industry.

50G PON technology and the service validation completed by Huawei and STC are based on the specifications of existing access platforms and frequencies in compliance with the industry standards. It can be used with 10G PON in STC's real-time optical network and demonstrated stable high-speed communications and low latency, according to the Business Korea report.

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