Pakistan Daily Times: Huawei plans to develop 50,000 ICT talents in South Asia
Chinese article by lauryn
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04-10 16:35

(JW Insights) Apr 10 -- China’s telecommunication giant Huawei plans to develop 50,000 information and communication technology (ICT) talents in South Asia in the next five years, reported the Daily Times in Pakistan on April 9.

The strategy will include various programs like building ICT academies, different ICT and startup competitions, online course enrollment and fresh employee recruitment. Huawei has developed more than 6,000 ICT talents last year in South Asia.

According to Huawei’s 2022 Annual Report released recently, the company is investing heavily in technology development. It spent RMB161.5 billion ($23.49 billion) on research and development last year, accounting for one-fourth of its annual revenue. The total research and development expenditure remained more than RMB977.3 billion ($142.15 billion) over the past 10 years.

Last September, Huawei’s deputy chairman Hu Houkun said the company has cooperated with universities in 12 European countries including the UK, France, and Germany to have brought out more than 4,000 ICT talents since 2011. It will cultivate an additional 500,000 ICT talents in the next five years in Asia-Pacific.

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