DSCC: Global advanced TV shipments grew 4% while Chinese TCL and Hisense increase rapidly in Q2
Chinese article by 张杰
English Editor 张未名
09-25 11:21

By Li Panpan

(JW Insights) Sep 25-- Global advanced TV shipments grew 4% year on year in the second quarter of 2023 to 4.7 million units, showing some signs of recovery led by gains from Chinese brands, according to the latest report of Japanese market research agency Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) published on September 19.

Advanced TV is any TV with an advanced display technology feature, including all OLED TVs, 8K LCD TVs, and all LCD TVs with quantum dot technology.

The top three brands outside of China – Samsung, LG, and Sony – fared poorly, while TCL and Hisense gained shares in the premium segment.

TCL shipments increased 58% and gained share year on year from 8% to 12%. Its revenues increased 53% and passed Sony for No.3 in revenue share.

Hisense also passed Sony to take #4 in shipments and revenue, as shipments increased 125% and revenues increased 118% yearly.

In shipments by region, shipments to North America declined by 5%, and revenues declined by 8% yearly in the quarter. Shipments to China increased by 18%, and revenues increased by 19% yearly. Shipments to Asia Pacific increased 5% year on year, and revenues decreased 1%, said DSCC.

Among all advanced TV products, Samsung shipments declined 6%, revenues decreased 8% yearly, and revenue share declined 2% to 44%. Samsung continued to dominate MiniLED TV in the quarter, but its share in that segment decreased to 49% as other brands expanded their offerings.

LG shipments decreased by 3% and revenues decreased 16% year on year, and LG lost 3% share to 21%. LG continues to dominate OLED TV with 54%/50% unit/revenue share.

Sony shipments declined 6% and dropped from N.3 to N.5 in both unit and revenue share year on year. Sony's revenues declined 15% in the quarter.

MiniLED TV shipments had an excellent Q2, led by significant increases from TCL and Hisense in the quarter. Samsung continues to dominate this category but with a declining share. Its shipments decreased by 12%, and unit share declined to 49% year on year. TCL continues to gain share in the No.2 position, shipments increased 212%, and MiniLED share increased to 27% year on year. Hisense shipments increased by 20x and captured 17% of MiniLED share, ranking third.

Samsung's strategy of pushing its QLED product line toward mainstream price points has allowed it to lead, but other brands, especially TCL and Hisense, are increasing their Advanced TV offerings at these lower prices, according to the DSCC report.

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