Chinese battery giant CATL signs deal to supply batteries for US-based Primergy’s solar and storage project
Chinese article by 张进
English Editor 张未名
10-19 18:13

By Kate Yuan

Chinese battery giant CATL has reached a sole battery supply agreement with leading US solar and energy storage developer Primergy Solar LLC for its $1.2 billion Gemini solar+storage project outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, CATL announced October 18.

Once completed, Gemini will become one of the largest solar+storage projects in the US with a 690 MWac/966 MWdc solar array and a 1,416 MWh energy storage system.

Ty Daul, CEO of Primergy, said, "CATL is a technology leader in the battery industry, and we are delighted to partner with them on the Gemini project to showcase CATL's advanced EnerOne energy storage solution.”

“The future of energy reliability and resilience depends on the massive deployment of battery storage capacity to provide stable power to the grid when it is most needed. Together with CATL, we are building a market-leading and highly sophisticated battery storage system that can capture surplus solar power during the day and store it for use in the early evening after the sunsets in Nevada," he added.

Tan Libin, vice president of CATL, said, "With Primergy’s experienced team and their capability in the development, construction and management of long-term assets, and CATL's innovative battery technologies, we believe our cooperation on the Gemini project will set a great example for large-scale electrochemical energy storage applications, thus promoting the globe towards carbon neutrality goals.”

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