China releases its national standard for facial recognition, and tech firms including Hikvision and Xiaomi participate in the initiative
Chinese article by 黄仁贵
English Editor 张未名
11-18 19:40

By Greg Gao

China recently unveiled its facial recognition national standard. Many Chinese technology companies, including video security giants Hikvision, Dahua Technology, and tech titans Baidu and Xiaomi participate in the formulation process, JW Insights reported on November 16.

Facial recognition technology has made significant progress with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, computer vision, big data, cloud computing, chips, and other technologies. It has been successfully applied in many scenarios and achieved large-scale commercialization in finance technology, smart video security, intelligent transportation, livelihood activities and government affairs, examinations, and smart homes, bringing convenience to economic and social developments and people's daily life.

In recent years, the market scale growth trend of facial recognition has diverged, and there are diversified characteristics in the deployment form of the technical architecture.

Jieshun Technology(捷顺科技), an intelligent parking & access control company, participated in the formulation, and stated that the standard stipulates the system architecture, business process, functional requirements and performance requirements of the face recognition system, taking into account personal information protection, privacy security and other issues. It also clearly stipulates the form of data storage, emphasizing that the facial recognition system should not store the image data collected during verification and identification when necessary. 

At the same time, the standard fully takes factors such as different application scenarios, user experience, and reliability into account and gives reasonable performance evaluation indicators. This standard applies to the design and development of facial recognition systems. It has important guiding significance for promoting the healthy and rapid development of facial recognition technology in various industries and the compilation of industry standards, according to Jieshun.

In addition to Jieshun Technology, a total of 46 companies, including SenseTime, Yuncong Technology, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Hisense Network, also joined the formulation of the standard.

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