China’s IC imports decreases 14.4% in number in the first eleven months
Chinese article by 姜羽桐
English Editor 张未名
12-08 18:23

By Li Panpan

China’s IC imports numbered 498.51 billion, a decrease of 14.4%, and are valued at RMB2.52 trillion ($360 billion), an increase of 0.6%, in the first eleven months of 2022, showed data from China’s General Administration of Customs(GAC), JW Insights reported.

China’s total import and export value was RMB38.34 trillion ($5.50 trillion), an increase of 8.6% over the same period last year. Exports and imports are valued at RMB21.84 trillion ($3.13 trillion) and RMB16.5 trillion ($2.37 trillion), respectively, creating a trade surplus of RMB5.34 trillion ($765.69 billion), an increase of 42.8%, according to GAC.

China’s imports of mechanical and electrical products were valued at RMB6.36 trillion ($910 billion), down 4.7%. Among them, imported automobiles (including chassis) numbered 814,000, a decrease of 7.4%, and valued at RMB327.77 billion ($47 billion), an increase of 1.7%.

In the mechanical and electrical exports for the first eleven months, the value is at RMB12.47 trillion ($1.79 trillion), an increase of 8.4%, accounting for 57.1% of the total export value.

Among them, exports of automatic data processing equipment and its parts, mobile phones, and automobiles brought in RMB1.45 trillion ($210 billion), RMB857.42 billion ($122.94 billion), and RMB363.76 billion ($52.16 billion), respectively.

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