JW Insights releases series of annual reports on China’s semiconductor industry in 2022
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor 张未名
01-12 16:16

By Li Panpan

JW Insights, the leading information and consulting services on China’s semiconductor and ICT industries, has released a series of annual reports on the industry’s trends and players in 2022 with valuable statistics and insights.

The annual reports include:

China Semiconductor Equity Investment Development Report (2022);

China Semiconductor Industry Development Report (2022);

Research Report on the Development of China's Top 100 Semiconductor Companies (2022);

White Paper on China's Semiconductor Industry’s Foreign Investment Policy (2022);

Report on the Comprehensive Strength of the Top 30 Chinese Integrated Circuit Parks (2022);

Global Semiconductor M&A Report (2022);

Manual of Semiconductor M&A and Restructuring Practices;

Global Semiconductor Listed Companies (2022);

Analysis Report on China's IC Industry Talent Supply and Demand Index and Salary Trend (2022);

Report on Talent Development of Demonstrative Microelectronics Universities in China's Integrated Circuit Industry (2022);

Report on National "Little Giants" in the IC Industry (2022);

China Semiconductor Intellectual Property White Paper (2022);

China Semiconductor Academic Research White Paper (2022);

White Paper on Intellectual Property Rights of Semiconductor Enterprises Listed on the STAR Market (2022);

China Semiconductor Industry Public Opinion Report (2022).

Most of these reports were released at the 2023 China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA) Annual Meeting & China IC Top Award Ceremony held last December in Hefei, eastern China's Anhui Province.

Founded in 2008, JW Insights has expanded progressively since 2017 and has become a leading source on China’s IC industry.

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