Chinese chip packaging firm Riyuexin Semiconductor sets up packaging and key semiconductor equipment production lines in eastern China’s Anhui Province
Chinese article by 姜羽桐
English Editor WM Zhang
02-15 13:55

By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Feb 15 -- Shaanxi-based Riyuexin Semiconductor (日月芯半导体) signed an agreement on February 13 with Huangshan High-tech Zone of Huangshan City in eastern China’s Anhui Province to build chip packaging, SMT assembly equipment production lines, JW Insights learned.

With RMB1.02 billion ($149.6 million) investment, the project covers the construction of two chip packaging production lines with annual packaging of 1 billion chips each, chip testing equipment production lines available for 400 sets annually, and five SMT high-speed automatic production lines. The annual output will exceed RMB1 billion ($146.7 million) after going into production.

Earlier, there was the project by the parties in building a chip packaging and testing facility with an annual output of 200 million wafers in 2021 at Huangshan High-tech Zone. The new project came as the company decided to transfer its industry center to Huangshan, and form a cluster of upstream and downstream industries.

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