Leading Chinese ODM Wingtech expands server business in response to rising demands from data centers and edge computing
Chinese article by 张进
English Editor 张未名
03-24 13:39

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Mar 22 -- China’s ODM giant Wingtech (闻泰科技) said its server business is proceeding well in cooperation with Intel and products are under testing by customers, the company shared this information in its investor relationship management platform of the Shanghai Stock Exchange recently.

With rising number of clients from data centers and edge computing in Internet and operator markets, Wingtech has entered server markets in 2020 and established a dedicated division. It focuses on the R&D and production of servers, storage, and other data center products. They cover applications in cloud computing data centers, edge computing, artificial intelligence, finance, operators, and other fields.

Intel has been a close partner for Wintech in its server business. At the 2021 Intel China Data Center Solution Summit, two of Wingtech's server products of Wingtech were selected as samples of universal servers in China. It then it jointly launched the industry’s first OCSP-compliant server product with Intel.

Wingtech also launched the first server product that meets Intel’s OCSP (Open Common Server Platform) specification. Its engineers were in deep involvement with formulating “OTII 1U Server Technical Specification V2.0.”

Wingtech works closely China’s three major operators - China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom as well for their servers.

The wave of large-scale model training represented by ChatGPT is expected to drive rapid growth in demand for underlying computing infrastructure servers and bring golden opportunities for Wingtech’s server business, said an industry analyst.

The company has launched several 2U and 4U two-way high-density training and inference servers for ultra-large-scale data centers, providing high computing power in the process of AI deep learning.

Wingtech admitted that its server business is still in its early stages. With wide interest set on ChatGBT-like chatbots, investors and industry are expecting Wingtech's servers to support to that, which are new challenges for the company.

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