The 6th Chip Power Demo kicks off to cover wider fields and steps closer to university communities
Chinese article by 赵月
English Editor 张未名
07-07 15:53

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Jul 7 -- The China Semiconductor Investment Alliance, in partnership with JW Insights, launched the 6th Chip Power Demo to identify local IC talents and facilitate industry innovation, the organizer announced.

The 6th year-long competition event has two significant upgrades. Firstly, the event expands to wider fields more than semiconductor and include new energy, AI, intelligent manufacturing, and automotive electronics, among others. 

The second is to have the Transfer of Scientific and Technological Achievements roadshow, which will be held in several colleges and universities. It aims to link scientific research achievements with investors.

Initiated since 2019, the Chip Power Demo has become an influential platform and an investment bellwether in China’s semiconductor industry. It has attracted over 600 outstanding companies to participate in, covering the entire industry chain of IP, EDA, design, equipment, materials, and more. Numerous exceptional projects have emerged through the competition, successfully completing financing after the event.

Several startups stood out through the event and successfully raised funds, including Black Sesame(黑芝麻智能), Metax Technology (沐曦集成电路), Capcon(华封科技), EPIC MEMS(开元通信), SIZONE Technology(杭州众硅). These companies have been well recognized in the industry and have become "IC unicorns" that drive the new progress of the industry.

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