Speakers and their topics are announced for Analyst Conference at 2023 Automotive Semiconductor Ecosystem Summit co-organized by JW Insights
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09-19 19:45

By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Sep 19 -- JW Insights has announced the keynote speakers and their topics for the Analyst Conference at the 2023 Automotive Semiconductor Ecosystem Summit -the third year of this event ASES.

The Summit will be held in Shenzhen, southern China’s Guangdong Province, from September 26 to 27. China Automotive News will sponsor the event, and JW Insights is the organizer. The following are the keynote speakers at the Analyst Conference:

Zhao Yi, deputy general manager of JW Insights Consulting Business, will deliver “Research Report on the Global Intelligent Cockpit Chip Industry.” He has extensive knowledge in RF front-end technology and insights into electric vehicles.

Jason Low, chief analyst at Canalys, will share “Global Trends in the Electrification and Intelligence of New Energy Vehicles.” Low his expertise in wearable devices and smart speakers.

Douglas Sparks, founder and president of M2N Technology, will lecture on “Trends in Automotive Sensors in 2024 - New Trends in ADAS and AV Sensors.” He once served as the CTO of Hanking Electronics, which had the first domestic 8-inch pure MEMS mass production line. He has published more than 120 technical papers and holds 70 granted patents.

Tu Yinghao, vice president of Product Marketing at Chiplite Technology, will talk about “Integration and Innovation of Intelligent Vehicles Empowered by Chiplet Technology.” Tu used to lead the market strategy and implementation of Qualcomm China's in-car intelligent connected vehicle products.

Neil Shah, vice president and co-founder of Counterpoint Research, will explore “How Semiconductor Sensors Will Shape the Future of the Supply Chain in the Automotive 2.0 Era.” He is a well-respected technology strategist with extensive knowledge in the semiconductor industry.

Tobias Judin, head of International at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, will give a speech on “Data Protection in Software-defined Cars." He has been deeply involved in the formulation and review of data security regulations in various EU countries, and has provided policy guidance to large enterprises on data compliance as a government employee.

Kevin Li, director of China Market Research at Strategy Analytics (Techinsights), will discuss “New Trends in China's Automotive Intelligence: Internet of Vehicles and Intelligent Cockpits.” He has over 10 years of experience in mobile communications and the IoT. He is also the deputy secretary-general of the Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA).

Victor Veliadis, executive director and CTO of PowerAmerica. will focus on “Commercialization of Power SiC Driven by Automotive Electrification.” He has over 40 years of research experience in wide-bandgap semiconductors and has managed over $30 million in government and research projects.

Reco Qian, senior manager of China Automotive Aftermarket at GfK China, will speak about “Impact of the Development of NEVs on Car Owners.” He has previously worked at Goodyear and Bosch.

Yang Yu, senior technology and market analyst at Yole Intelligence, will talk about “Growing Semiconductor Opportunities in the Electrification Field - Prospects of Power Semiconductors.” He has a deep understanding of automotive electronics technology.

Fang Liang, senior investment manager at Huayi Ventures, will focus on “Application Trends of Compound Semiconductors in Automotive Power Electronics.” He graduated from Tsinghua University and is familiar with the semiconductor and power battery industry chain.

Huang Xing, founder of PN Junction Semiconductor, will give a speech on “Current Status and Industrialization Challenges of SiC for Automotive Applications.” He has been deeply involved in the design and development of SiC and GaN power devices since 2009, and has been mentored by B. Jayant Baliga, the inventor of IGBT, and Alex Q. Huang, the inventor of ETO thyristors.

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