Chinese AI chip startup Witmem Technology unveils its new brand logo in a campaign to promote its first computing-in-memory IC
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor 张未名
04-30 10:12

By Miranda Li

Witmem Technology, a leading computing-in-memory chip startup, debuted on April 29 its upgraded brand campaign with a new logo and a 2022 corporate video.

The in-memory computing unit of the WTM2101 enables the running of different types of deep learning algorithms, ranging from tens of Mops to several Gops, with power consumption as low as sub-milliamps. It is capable of running multiple deep learning algorithms simultaneously and can be applied in various applications such as speech recognition, voice enhancement, health monitoring, environment recognition, far-field wake-up, and event detection.Founded in October 2017, the Beijing-based Witmem Technology (知存科技) started mass production of its first computing-in-memory SoC chip WTM2101 in March this year.

Compared with mainstream digital NPU and DSP, WTM2101 can increase computing power more effectively. With its breakthrough in application competitiveness and marketing progress, WTM2101 has attracted much attention from both academics and the markets, said the company.

In the Witmem’s just released demo video, it explains in-memory computing technology’s positioning and progress of the latest in-memory computing chips. It also demonstrates the technology’s various applications in intelligent devices, smart cities, and intelligent driving.

Witmem Technology said that it would continue R& D to improve the capability of the computing-in-memory architecture and develop a strategic plan for a complete product matrix.

The computing-in-memory AI chip is a global emerging cutting-edge technology. Witmem said it expected more Chinese teams and companies to join this new field, promoting AI technology in China.

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