JW Insights releases the ranking of Chinese listed semiconductor companies by their total number of employees and number of R&D staff
Chinese article by 张浩
English Editor WM Zhang
05-26 20:03

By Miranda Li

JW Insights released the ranking of Chinese listed semiconductor companies by the number of employees in 2021, Wingtech, HT-Tech, and Shenzhen Kaifa being the top three employers. The release on May 23 also included the ranking by R&D staff number. 

The JW Insights' ranking tracks 135 listed semiconductor companies in China. Wingtech Technology(闻泰科技) tops the ranking with 31,658 employees. 

Among the 135 companies, there are 12 with over 10,000 employees. They are:

Wingtech, 31,658;

HT-Tech(华天科技), 29,599;

Shenzhen Kaifa (深科技), 26,917;

USI(环旭电子), 24,768;

JCET Group(长电科技), 23,255;

Ninestar(纳思达), 21,787;

Sanan Optoelectronics (三安光电), 18,636;

SMIC (中芯国际), 17,681;

TFME (通富微电), 16,737;

COSMX (珠海冠宇),16,283;

CCTC (三环集团), 16,145;

Zhonghuan Semiconductor (中环股份),13,371.

The top companies are mostly in manufacturing, packaging and testing, and IDM, with many workers in workshops.

Compared with the end of 2020, the total number of employees in the listed semiconductor companies increased by 17.8% on average. Among the 135 companies, 117 companies increased hiring. The top five companies include Maxscend (卓胜微), 3PEAK(思瑞浦), Changchuan Technology(长川科技), Thinkon Semiconductor(神工股份), and Bestechnic(恒玄科技). 

There are also 18 companies with decreased hiring. They include BDStar (北斗星通), Orbita Aerospace (欧比特), Roshow Technology (露笑科技), Xiaocheng Tech (晓程科技), and Hangjin Technology (航锦科技).

It is worth mentioning that the average growth rate of the total number of employees in the entire A-share listed companies is 4.1%, far lower than the average increase rate of the total number of employees in A-share listed semiconductor companies.

The industry's R&D staff number increased by an average of 21.1%.

Wingtech tops the R&D staff ranking with 7,045 R&D personnel. The other four companies in the top five are HT-Tech, Ninestar, Taiji Industry (太极实业), and Sanan Optoelectronics.

Compared with 2020, the average increase in R&D personnel of listed semiconductor companies is 21.1%. 

Among the 135 companies, 118 companies have increased R&D staff hiring. The companies with an over-100% growth rate include Taiji Industry, SOSEN (崧盛股份), Maxscend, Sunmoon Microelectronics (明微电子), Wanye Enterprises (万业企业), and CFMEE (芯碁微装).

It is noted that there are 38 companies with R & D staff accounting for more than 50% of the total employees. They are all design companies, except Changchuan Technology.

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