China’s FPGA supplier Hercules Microelectronics mass produces the first FPGA chip based on the 22nm process in China
Chinese article by lauryn
English Editor 张未名
08-19 21:35

By Li Panpan

China’s FPGA chip supplier Hercules Microelectronics announced the mass production of the first FPGA chip based on the 22nm process in the Chinese market.

Founded in June 2017, Beijing-based Hercules Microelectronics is one of the earliest FPGA companies with self-developed, mass-produced volume sales in general FPGA products and new generation Heterogeneous Programmable Accelerator outside of the U.S.

The FPGA chip it mass-processed is low-power in consumption and high-performance in technology, based on heterogeneous architecture, and equipped with 8K high-performance programmable logic resources, 5MB embedded SRAM memory modules, dedicated image/video processing modules, and 32-bit high-performance processors - Cortex- M3 MCU.

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