CATL and BYD join Altair Battery Designer Consortium launched by US software developer Altair
Chinese article by 魏健
English Editor WM Zhang
11-03 15:25

By Kate Yuan

US software developer Altair launched the Altair Battery Designer Consortium (ABD) on October 27, and China’s EV giants CATL and BYD joined as initial members, according to Altair’s press release.


The launch ceremony was held at Altair’s "Change Tomorrow, Together" series - South China User Conference, and the members also include China’s leading automotive research institute CAERI (中国汽研), University of North Carolina, and Metalsa, a Mexican structural components supplier for the light and commercial vehicle markets.

ABD will provide industrial solutions for cells, modules, battery packs, and new energy vehicles through the Altair simulation platform. Its applications cover battery pack production, automobile crash safety, and C-NCAP 2021 new energy vehicle side collision.

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