Europe’s leading electronic products manufacturer Eolane starts operation of its new China factory in Suzhou
Chinese article by 陈兴华
English Editor WM Zhang
01-29 18:26

By Li Panpan

Europe’s leading electronic products manufacturer Eolane’s new factory in Suzhou, eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, is up and running to serve its Chinese customers in the industrial, medical, and rail sectors, in particular CRRC, a major Chinese rail company, reported Evertiq recently.

Grace-Lingjia Colin, Managing Director of Eolane China, said, "This new site validates the success and development of Eolane China by reinforcing our production capacity, which will allow us to welcome a business volume of 50 million euros ($54.36 million) via new orders from our established customers and the arrival of new customers."

Back in late November, Eolane inaugurated a factory in Suzhou, which allows the company to design, manufacture and produce for Chinese and Asian customers.

With a growth of more than 21% in 2022 (YtD in November 2022), the group decided to increase its production capacity by building a new factory of 4,000 square meters with a brand new machine park, bringing the total surface of its factories in China to 11,500 square meters.

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Lyon, France, Eolane Group is a leading electronic products manufacturer and service provider, according to the company's website. It provides customers with comprehensive EMS and ODM services. It mainly engages in fields of industrial control, medical care, automobiles, new energy, rail transit, national defense, and aviation. It has 18 subsidiaries and more than 3,200 employees all over the world.

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