China Daily: China's tech giants JD and Alibaba announce plans for AI ChatGPT-type products after Baidu
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor 张未名
02-14 14:23

By Gabby Chen

(JW Insights) Feb 14 -- China's tech companies JD Cloud and Alibaba also announced their plans for AI ChatGPT-type products in the wake of such a move by Baidu, reported China Daily on February 10.

JD Cloud, the cloud computing branch of Chinese e-commerce platform JD, announced on February 10 that it will launch a ChatGPT-like product, called ChatJD, for industrial application based on its AI platform Yanxi.

Leveraging natural language processing technology, ChatJD features an AI machine dialogue platform, and is able to generate content and understand user's intentions. The service is expected to be used in fields such as retail and finance.

Alibaba confirmed on February 8 that it is also developing a ChatGPT-style AI tool, currently under internal testing. The company did not give a timeline for its ChatGPT rival to be launched.

China's largest search engine company Baidu announced on February 7 a similar AI chatbot project, called Ernie Bot, which will complete its internal testing in March before being made public.

ChatGBT is becoming a sensational topic on Chinese social media in the last couple of weeks, especially in the technology and business communities, as observed by JW Insights editors.

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