Chinese IT service provider Leon Technology sets up a joint laboratory with a university partner on wireless optical information systems
Chinese article by 孙俐俐
English Editor 张未名
04-03 17:45

By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Apr 3 -- Chinese IT service provider Leon Technology (立昂技术) and the Key Laboratory of Wireless-Optical Communications of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (WOC Lab) signed to establish a joint laboratory at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, eastern China’s Anhui Province, on March 31, JW Insights learned.

WOC Lab has modern optical and radio frequency testing equipment, which can be used for cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research on wireless optical information systems. The lab has made many scientific research achievements, covering wireless optical communication, broadband mobile communication, positioning and navigation, software-defined smart IoT, data sharing and trading systems.

The joint lab will work on forward-looking technologies and key common technologies in the fields of IoT, big data, data security, visual AI, digital twins, and cloud computing, exploring more possibilities for the digital and intelligent transformation of all walks of life.

Found in 1996, Xinjiang-based Leon Technology focuses on urban public security, big data, and the application of perception technology and artificial intelligence. The company went listed on the ChiNext stock market in January 2017.

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