Pandaily: Chinese tech giant Baidu unveils beta features of "AI Partner" and "AI BOT" at the 2023 Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Conference
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor WM Zhang
05-26 19:47

(JW Insights) May 26 -- Baidu unveiled its beta features of "AI Partner" and "AI BOT" and showcased its beta product - NEW APP, at the 2023 Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Conference on May 25, reported Pandaily.

During the conference, Baidu also introduced its new smart e-commerce brand, "Baidu Preferred," releasing a series of innovative technologies and intelligent merchant operation schemes, including an AI shopping guide assistant, an e-commerce AI anchor production platform, and a merchant operation capability model.

He Junjie, senior vice president of Baidu, stated that large language models like ERNIE Bot and ChatGPT are aimed at making AI "bigger." This restructuring of the mobile ecosystem is dedicated to making AI "smaller," more specific, and accessible to everyone.

The beta product NEW APP focuses on exclusive "models," with 450,000 users using the AIGC (AI-generated content) creation tool.

Xiao Yang, VP of Baidu, proposed a dual capability based on "semantic search technology + large language model" and revealed that features like "AI Partner" and "AI BOT" are currently in beta testing.

The "AI Partner" can achieve intelligent conversation and multi-round interaction, reducing user input expression thresholds and costs. In terms of breaking through information boundaries, AI BOT allows creators, merchants, institutions, brands, and other content and service providers to create virtual AI avatars, said the company.

Li Xiaowan, general manager of Baidu Information Distribution Platform, said that the core usage scenarios of NEW APP include conversation, questioning, chatting, and issuing commands. Users can customize personal assistants with different "personas" to understand their preferences and needs, enabling effective communication, suggestions, and task management.

In addition, Baidu's input method has also set up an AI "high EQ communication assistant" to give high EQ chat suggestions based on different social scenarios.

At this year's conference, Song Jian, deputy general manager of Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Business Group, introduced the newly upgraded Baidu Content Ecosystem AIGC creation tool. AI Notes, AI Film, AI Drawing, AI BOT, and other features will be open to creators for beta testing, said the Pandaily report.

(Chen HX/Li PP)

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