China’s Xidian University and EDA giant Cadence inaugurate a joint laboratory in Xi’an
Chinese article by 吕佳妮
English Editor 张未名
05-31 11:27

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) May 30 -- Xidian University and US EDA(electronic design automation) giant Cadence inaugurated a joint laboratory in Xi’an, northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province, on May 21, according to Xidian University.

They also held a high-level SI/PI (signal integrity/power integrity) seminar at the Laboratory of Ultra-High-Speed Circuit Design and Electromagnetic Compatibility, a Key Laboratory affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education.

Professor Liu Hongwei, Vice President of Xidian University, highlighted the significance of the joint laboratory in facilitating students’ understanding of cutting-edge technologies in the industry. The collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both the university and the enterprise, fostering deep cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific research. The partnership seeks to create a harmonious ecosystem for industry-academia collaboration, promoting synergy between education and industry.

Gu Xin, Global Vice President of Cadence, announced the establishment of the “Cadence Electromagnetic Field and High-Speed Circuit Academic Paper Award” and other scholarships at the Xidian-Cadence Joint Laboratory. These awards encourage dedicated research and active innovation while recognizing outstanding contributions of faculty and students in signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Xidian University and Cadence have entered into a strategic partnership to establish the world’s first MSA (multi-physics system analysis) technology cooperative joint laboratory dedicated to international talent cultivation in SI/PI, said Xidian University.

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