Twenty Chinese semiconductor startups are awarded as final winners of Most Valuable Companies for Investment from "Chip Power 2023" Demo event in Xiamen City
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English Editor 张未名
06-05 16:29

By Gabby Chen

(JW Insights) Jun 5 -- The award ceremony for 20 final winners of "Chip Power 2023" Demo event was held at the 7th JWSS (JiWei Semiconductor Summit) in Xiamen City of southeastern China's Fujian Province on June 3. They won the "The Most Valuable Investment Project Award."

The "Chip Power" Demo, co-organized by China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA) and JW Insights since 2019, aims to create a more professional and efficient platform for entrepreneurs and investors. It has become China's most influential entrepreneurial competition and financing platform in the semiconductor industry.

Following the intense finals on June 3, a jury of 50 top Chinese investor judges voted the 20 winners of the Most Valuable Investment Project Award:

Macrochip Technology (宏芯科技)

TOTA (江苏道达智能科技)

Lasic Semiconductor (西安晟光硅研半导体)

Realmagic Semiconductor (深圳锐盟半导体)

Chipbetter Microelectronics (芯百特微电子)

EPCMicro (北京鸿智电通)

Jingzhirui Material Technology (厦门晶之锐材料科技)

PGtec (南京派格测控科技)

M SQUARE (上海奎芯科技)

Linsi Micro (灵矽微电子)

Diecheng Photoelectric Technology (上海叠铖光电)

Lide Semiconductor (安徽立德半导体)

KOWIN Semiconductor (深圳康盈半导体)

Quanxing Tech (深圳市铨兴科技)

FOOHU Technology (苏州复鹄电子科技)

Smart Vision (南京芯视元电子)

Weifu Semiconductor Equipment (上海微釜半导体设备)

Hanchi Technology (深圳市寒驰科技)

Semistron Microelectronics (杭州胜金微电子)

Doushi Information Technology (南京斗石信息科技)

These companies, with their 20 entrepreneurial projects in this year's "Chip Power 2023" Demo from different sectors, showcased remarkable strengths in technological innovation, competitive advantage, and business models, according to the judges from 50 top Chinese investors and over 300 representatives from leading investment companies.

In addition, the following ten companies have also won the "Investment Institution Recommendation Award" and are selected by the institutional investor jury:

Semistron Microelectronics


Lasic Semiconductor

Diecheng Photoelectric Technology

Chipbetter Microelectronics

Macrochip Technology

Lide Semiconductor

Linsi Micro

Weifu Semiconductor Equipment

FOOHU Technology

The 5th "Chip Power 2023" Demo officially started on September 23 last year, with 20 preliminary demo sessions staged till May 24 this year. Over eight months, more than 140 projects signed up for the demo, with nearly a hundred projects participating in the online demo events.

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