Stocks of Chinese suppliers in Apple’s AR supply chain plunge as the giant’s first mixed-reality device disappoints
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06-07 18:21

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Jun 7 -- Chinese firms in Apple’s supply chain experienced a significant drop in their stock prices on June 6 after the US tech giant's first augmented-reality device, which blends the real and virtual worlds, failed to meet expectations, reported Yicai Global.

Shares in Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology (长盈精密), and Suzhou Qingyue Optoelectronics Technology (清越科技) experienced sharp decline.

Other suppliers also fared badly in China’s stock market including Shenzhen iN Cube Automation, Rongcheer Industrial Technology, Luxshare Precision and Goertek.

The Apple Vision Pro, a standalone headset that gives wearers an interactive experience between the real world and computer-generated content, was unveiled at a price of $3,499 per headset. Sales will start early next year.

But some market insiders feel the price is too high and the start of sales too late.

It is not possible to say at the moment whether Apple’s mixed-reality device will sell well or not, said Lin Jiayi, general manager of investment firm Xuanjia Private Equity Fund Management.

If California-based Apple is able to fix issues such as dizziness caused by wearing the headsets for a long time, and satisfy consumers’ unmet needs in the augmented-reality field through rapid technological upgrades, the headset should do well and will help boost the firm’s share price, Lin said, reported Yicai Global.

Apple’s new device is likely to attract a great number of content creators for mixed reality scenarios, enriching the currently available content ecosystem and experiences, said Kong Rong, an analyst with TF Securities.

The new experiences brought by Apple Vision Pro will also probably spur the upgrading of software and hardware and speed up the rapid penetration of consumer-grade mixed-reality equipment in the market, she added, according to the report from Yicai Global.

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