China unveils its biggest quantum computing cloud platform
Chinese article by 陈炳欣
English Editor 张未名
08-21 13:55

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Aug 21 -- China Mobile and China Electronics Technology Group Corp launched on August 19 China's largest quantum computing cloud platform, the first system-level platform in the industry to achieve unified hybrid scheduling of quantum computing and general computing power, reported Guangming Daily's website.

This platform represents the largest-scale quantum computing cloud platform in the country currently. It is also the industry’s first system-level platform to achieve unified management and hybrid scheduling of quantum and general computing capabilities.” This announcement signifies that quantum computing in China is gradually moving towards practical application, according to China Mobile. 

CETC has already made breakthroughs in core technologies, including the design and manufacturing of 20-qubit quantum chips, ultra-low temperature cooling to 9 millikelvins, and quantum-electronic hybrid computing control. They have successfully developed a fully controllable 20-qubit superconducting quantum computer.

The quantum computing cloud platform offers an open quantum-fused computing power testing environment, allowing users to experience authentic quantum computing capabilities. This is also a first among domestic public cloud providers in China and it will provide robust support to universities, businesses, and researchers to conduct experiments with quantum algorithms.

The platform can perform real-time quantum program compilation and seamlessly dispatch tasks to quantum computers with a single command. This reduces the difficulty for users in utilizing quantum computers. For complex computational problems in various fields such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, intelligent transportation, aerospace, and aviation, the platform can swiftly respond to and resolve these challenges, said the Guangming report.

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