China’s EDA software provider UniVista releases five products to build a full-process EDA domestic platform
Chinese article by 武守哲
English Editor 张未名
10-17 16:27

By Greg Gao

(JW Insights) Oct 17 -- China’s EDA software startup UniVista(合见工软) launched five new products on October 12 at its “EDA New Domestic Multidimensional Evolution Forum” in Shanghai.

UniVista chairman Pan Jianyue said that developing controllable core EDA tools is a definite and necessary endeavor. In a little over a year of formal operation, UniVista has released a series of EDA products and solutions. These include the next-generation time-driven high-performance prototype verification system, UV APS (UniVista Advanced Prototyping System), advanced packaging collaborative design checking tool, UVI (UniVista Integrator), among others. 

Pan Jianyue

Pan emphasized that the five products represent the company’s ambitious goal to cover the verification product line for digital chips comprehensively. In the future, the company will continue to aspire to achieve multidimensional coverage in the realm of digital chip “IP + implementation + verification.” 

In the past two years, UniVista has launched a total of 9 products, expanding its growth potential alongside over a hundred customers, with some products successfully achieving iterations.

Wei Shaojun, a professor at Tsinghua University and an IEEE Fellow, provided another perspective at the forum on why UniVista can become an outstanding domestic EDA enterprise, highlighting the company’s ability to “move with the times.”

Wei Shaojun

The company’s CTO, He Peixin, delivered a keynote speech titled “Multidimensional Evolution Strategy for New Domestic EDA”.

He Peixin

The vice president Jing Wei’s speech showcased the company’s virtual prototype design and simulation tool suite, UniVista V-Builder/vSpace.

Jing Wei

UniVista’s verification product director, Cao Mengxia, introduced the brand-new commercial-grade, high-performance, all-scenario verification hardware system, UVHS (UniVista Unified Verification Hardware System).

Cao Mengxia

Liu Peiyan, the director of design implementation products, provided a comprehensive introduction to the company’s proprietary commercial-grade, high-efficiency test vector generation tool, UniVista Tespert ATPG.

Liu Peiyan

Xiao Yuelong, the general manager of system design solutions, showcased the company’s all-new generation electronic system research and development management platform, UniVista EDMPro.

Xiao Yuelong

Yang Kai, the general manager of Nuorui Integrated Circuits at UniVista, presented the company’s “EDA+IP” strategy, providing a comprehensive introduction to the company’s first independently developed national PCIe Gen5 complete solution, UniVista PCIe Gen5 IP.

Yang Kai

UniVista was founded in March 2021 in Shanghai as an industrial software and design solutions provider. The company has a team of many engineers with 15–20 years of EDA experience. With two rounds of financing completed, UniVista has garnered nearly RMB 3 billion($448.8 million).

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