China Semiconductor Industry Association director Chen Nanxiang: China's semiconductor industry is facing the most significant change
Chinese article by 赵月
English Editor 张未名
10-26 16:16

By Li Panpan

(JW Insights) Oct 26 -- The newly-elected director of China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) Chen Nanxiang stated "China's semiconductor industry is facing the most significant industrial change in the history of the global semiconductor industry, and at the same time, the best period of industrial development opportunities."

CSIA elected Chen as the director of its 8th Council at the 8th CSIA General Assembly held in Wuhan of central China's Hubei Province on October 24.

Zhang Li was elected as the deputy director and secretary-general of the 8th CSIA Council as well as its legal representative.

Wei Shaojun was elected as the spokesperson of CSIA. Wang Junjie will serve as the executive secretary-general and is fully responsible for the daily work.

In his remarks to the council, Chen said,"CSIA should not be a bystander to the current significant changes. It must build industry consensus and become a value contributor to the development of China's semiconductor industry. Under the new situation, CSIA needs a more effective decision-making mechanism, a secretariat with stronger execution capabilities, and the full support of all members."

He added, "The current new industry situation has put forward new requirements for CSIA. It should represent the Chinese industry and become a link between the semiconductor industry and stakeholders and a platform to gather consensus in the Chinese semiconductor industry."

He believes the association will serve its members, the industry, and the government well. It will represent members' interests, demands, and the industry's greatest common interest.

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