ARM China continues to engage in developing locally developed IP products and services for local innovations
Chinese article by 张轶群
English Editor 张未名
11-02 15:35

By Li Panpan

(JW Insights) Nov 2 -- ARM China continues to engage deeper with the local Chinese intelligent computing ecosystem, supporting local developers by holding the "Smart IoT EcoSystem Seminar" recently in the country's electronics design and manufacturing center Shenzhen.

Drew Henry, Arm's executive vice president of strategy and ecosystem, said at the seminar, "China is one of Arm's fastest-growing markets. Arm has a close collaborative relationship with ARM China in the Chinese market. In the first half of this year, Arm's authorized customers in China increased by 10%. Among Arm's 15 million developers worldwide, four million come from China. Arm continues to invest in China, and it is Arm's long-term commitment to help Chinese companies serve customers worldwide."

Established in 2018, ARM China has been committed to developing IP products that meet global standards and local needs in China's chip industry, relying on the Arm architecture and its strong innovation capabilities.

As Arm's licensee in China, its largest market, Arm China has the exclusive and permanent right to license and sell Arm IP in the country, playing an important role in the expansion of the Arm ecosystem in China.

ARM China has worked on its self-research business based on the needs of the Chinese market. It focuses on heterogeneous and intelligent computing and strategically selects AI, CPU, information security, and multimedia, launching processor product lines and achieving mass production.

Data from ARM China shows that, as of now, it has authorized its self-developed products to more than 160 local customers, and customers' chip shipments based on its IP products have exceeded 200 million. Many Chinese customers have also achieved breakthroughs and successes in product research and development through ARM China's self-developed IP.

As an essential measure to empower partners, ARM China launched the Ecosystem Partner Program in July 2022. So far, more than 60 leading chip design companies, solution providers, and platform companies in smart cars, AIoT, and devices joined the program.

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