AMD’s Chinese clients receive its notice to raise prices of Xilinx-based FPGA products
Chinese article by 武守哲
English Editor WM Zhang
11-24 20:46

By Li Panpan

AMD recently issued a letter to Chinese customers to notify them of a price increase in the products of Xilinx, which it acquired at the beginning of this year, JW Insights learned from AMD's customers in China and reported on November 23.

In the letter, AMD said investments in the supply chain and cost increases from suppliers have resulted in the need for higher prices. It will increase prices by 8% across Xilinx's products except for Versal Series products and by 25% across Spartan 6 products, effective January 9, 2023

AMD said it has invested to secure capacity to support customer demand, “We have a line of sight to clearing our open backlog as well as steadily reducing our lead times towards the targets below in 2023,” and “in partnership with our suppliers, our 7-series (28nm) products will continue to be manufactured until at least 2035; extending the lifespan well beyond the advertised 15-year life cycle.”

The letter was signed by Victor Peng, president of AMD's Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group.

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