Chinese chip designer Nano-Core Chip presents three AIoT chip design results at ISSCC 2023
Chinese article by 吕佳妮
English Editor 张未名
03-10 16:27

By Gabby Chen

(JW Insights) Mar 9 -- Chinese chip startup Nano-Core Chip(微纳核芯)'s three AIoT chip design results were accepted by the 2023 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2023), held in San Francisco on February 19-23.

So far, nine of Nano-Core's chip design results have been accepted by ISSCC for four consecutive years.

Founded in 2021, Nano-Core provides AIoT chips to industries such as consumer electronics, wearable devices, and smart homes. Its head office is in Hangzhou, eastern China's Zhejiang Province.

The three types of chips that Nano-Core presented at ISSCC 2023 include: in-memory computing AI chip, energy-efficient capacitive-sensor chip, and ultra-low-power consumption oscillator chip.

The in-memory computing AI chip has high energy efficiency and computing power, making it suitable for various edge AI computing applications such as image and voice recognition, as well as security monitoring.

The energy-efficient capacitive-sensor chip, which is based on a 22nm CMOS process, is characterized by high precision and conversion speed with a small size, making it ideal for IoT sensors and front-end capacitive sensing applications.

Meanwhile, the ultra-low-power consumption oscillator chip, based on a 22nm CMOS process, could serve as the core of low-power and high-precision real-time clock (RTC) modules.

The ISSCC is the foremost global forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems-on-a-chip, said the organizer.

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