JW Insights releases report on Chiplet industry chain
Chinese article by 爱集微
English Editor WM Zhang
05-17 17:20

By Li Panpan

(JW Insights) May 17 -- Top international design companies have commercialized Chiplet technology on a small scale while Chinese players are still working on the sector, said a recent JW Insight report on the Chiplet industry chain.

The report said that Chinese IP vendors and EDA companies could strengthen their overall market competitiveness through cooperation based on their product/technical advantages. Chinese players focus on high-end SoCs, memory testers, and ABF carrier boards.

Chinese enterprises are working on Chiplet technology. However, commercial applications still require the coordinated development of the entire industry chain and policy support, said the report.

Chiplet technology is relatively mature, and top international design companies have formed a closed-loop ecosystem. Large-scale commercial promotion will be carried out when the market is ripe, said the report.

The report consists of four chapters with case studies of more than ten Chinese and international enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the Chiplet industry chain.

It explains Chiplet’s impacts on IP and EDA tools, packaging and testing, and other fields from technology development, business model, and market structure. It also elaborates on the challenges and hidden development opportunities of each field.

JW Insights is the leading Chinese consulting service for the country's semiconductor and ICT industries. The detailed report is available on its official website and app in Chinese.

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