China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Member Conference elects new director general and calls for more collaboration among universities and enterprises
Chinese article by 李梅
English Editor 张未名
06-13 14:43

By Gabby Chen

(JW Insights) Jun 13 -- China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA) held its sixth annual member meeting on June 3 and delegates expressed both their concern and determination in facing the increasingly challenging state of the industry under geopolitical tensions and market downturn.

CSIA's meeting was held during the 2023 JiWei Semiconductor Summit (JWSS) in Xiamen City of southeastern China's Fujian Province on June 2-3.

Newly elected director general Chen Nanxiang attended and addressed the meeting. He called on member companies and professionals to prepare for prolonged geopolitical challenges and continue to work on protecting a global supply chain. Chen is currently also the chairman of Yangtze Memory Technology Corporation (YTMC长江存储) - China's leading memory IC maker.

Wei Jun, vice president of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (the Big Fund), assumed the position of deputy director general.

Lao Yao, founder and chairman of JW Insights, China's leading consulting company on semiconductor and ICT industries, continues to serve as secretary general of CSIA.

CSIA was established in 2017 through a joint initiative by JW Insights and the Big Fund. It has attracted members from over 100 investment institutions.

In his remark, Lao Yao said that the alliance's operations have become more standardized.

The alliance will focus on promoting more industry-capital collaboration and deeper integration of innovation, industry, funding, and talent chains.

Supported by CSIA's member companies, this year's Chip Power Demo resulted in a record-breaking number of project submissions. Over 140 projects registered, and nearly a hundred projects participated in the year-long online demos. The final of the demo awarded 20 innovative semiconductor startups, with their innovative projects covering the industry chain, including design, materials, equipment, EDA tools, and industrial software. (For the list of winners, click

The Chip Power Demo provides a platform for connecting investors with startups, talents, projects, and universities, facilitating efficient exchanges and discussions among them.

For the first time this year, CSIA and JW Insights launched a Chip Power Demo Roadshow for Technology Achievement Conversion, which showcased the award-winning projects for audiences from microelectronics universities and enterprises.

Xu Lun, vice president of JW Insights, introduced the newly launched Chip Power Demo project database. It will facilitate project financing and technology innovation in the industry, Xu said.

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